A unique environmental: Clear Canyon Water Renewal in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, AZ, is home to a unique environmental initiative called Clear Canyon Water Renewal (CCWR). This project aims to enhance water quality in Clear Canyon, one of Phoenix’s main urban streams. Through recycled water and sustainable practices, the CCWR intends to preserve the ecological integrity of the Clear Canyon and its tributary rivers and streams. Information can be found here.

The Clear Canyon is a major waterway that runs through the heart of Phoenix. Its source originates in the nearby mountains, originating from the natural runoff from the region’s surrounding hills and mountains. As it flows through the city, the Clear Canyon passes through many urban residential, business, and industrial neighborhoods, with many artificial input points along its path. See here for information about An Introduction to the Arizona Archery Club in Phoenix, AZ.

Unfortunately, Clear Canyon has suffered from the effects of urbanization and pollution. Historically, the stream has seen overcrowding due to increased sediment flow from upstream areas and from the urban development that has encroached on its watershed. To reduce the levels of pollutants in the Clear Canyon, the City of Phoenix has teamed up with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) to launch the CCWR.