Malibu & Zen Walk In Tub

The Aqua Therapy Malibu Walk In Tub is a common sized walk in bathtub that is great for the average bather. It comes with a textured slip resistant floor, therapeutic hydro massage jetting, an outward swing door with a low step threshold for easy access, a fast fill faucet, and two 2 in. drains. The Aqua Therapy Malibu is equipped with two 2 in. drains, overflow, and stainless steel operated opener, instead of one 1-1/2 in. bathtub drain, for faster and reliable drainage. The drains are supplied with custom designed a PVC elbow connector, allowing for easy T connection to the 1-1/2 in. house drain. Our Aqua Therapy acrylic outward swing door walk in tubs sport stylish and durable doors that offer easy access. The door material is made of PC which is a strong plastic that has high impact resistance. This makes it extra durable against the heavy water pressure. Each door comes with three latches to resist the water pressure pushing on the door and a water proof seal. These combine to make a leak proof door that makes for peace of mind. Aqua Therapy acrylic walk in baths are constructed of the highest grade cast white acrylic, with an easy to clean gloss finish that is reinforced with fiberglass. The shell is supported by a stainless-steel frame for durability during installation. The supporting frame allows for simple above the floor drain installation and convenient access to the underside of the tub.

29.5″W x 52″L x 43″H

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